Stereoscopic Start Page

To view the stereoscopic images with true 3D depth perception, you need two things.

1) You need the Vrex Depth Charge Plug-in installed. Download the installer file by tapping here and select either "open", or download the plug-in installer file and run from your computer. If unsure, select "open". There is no spyware or virus in this file. When you first use the plugin, it will ask you to register but the registration doesn't work correctly. Enter anything in the boxes and choose "register". After the failed registration, it should work and not prompt you again. If you choose, "later", it will nag you.

2) You need red/blue 3D glasses, or stereoscopic viewing hardware such as field interlaced lcd glasses. Most people are going to use the red/blue paper glasses that you may have used to view 3D movies. A better image can be obtained with special hardware. Such glasses are available from many sources. The Depth Charge Plugin has settings for all types of hardware. My favorite inexpensive set of hardware glasses is available in lots of 50 from VRex for roughly $35 each. To get a single pair, contact VRex and ask for the location of a reseller or look at this comprehensive listing and review of different shutter glasses and links to suppliers.

Once you have the plug-in installed and are wearing your glasses, you click on the thumbnails on the left. Adjust the plugin setting by right tapping over the image that is displayed. Once you have set the plugin setting to match the type of glasses that you have, you will click the image to view in 3d mode. Its fun.