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"Windows" is a term that is short for naso-antral windows. It refers to a surgical procedure that is not often used anymore. The term, however, is still used frequently but it is incorrectly applied to modern techniques.

The naso-antral window is a surgical drainage pathway that is made into the maxillary sinus. It is made under the inferior turbinate. This places the drainage pathway at the bottom of this sinus and into that space below the inferior turbinate. This would seem to be the most sensible place to create a drainage path however it is now known that the maxillary sinus prefers to drain near the top. The top is where the natural drainage path is. The sinus is lined with small hair cells that actively pump the mucous or infection towards the top exit, this can actually pump the material around a naso-antral window. This procedure was quite helpful in draining the sinus in the acute phase, and allowing the infection to be more easily treated. Before endoscopic techniques became available, this was the safest way to drain a chronically infected maxillary sinus.

The modern technique of draining the maxillary sinus entails enlarging the natural opening. This opening is situated under the middle turbinate and is very close to the eye and the tear duct. The opening is now placed in this location because it is a less traumatic procedure and seems to be better for long lasting improvement.

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